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Chariot aims to be a provider of cleaner energy across the African continent via its Transitional Gas, Transitional Power and Green Hydrogen business streams.


Chariot’s focus is on securing and developing large-scale, first-mover positions in projects related to the energy transition, which can reduce carbon emissions, diversify the energy mix, support industrial development, and reduce dependence on imported fuels. Through development of this strategy, Chariot is looking to create value and deliver a wide range of positive impacts for its stakeholders

Chariot Transitional Gas is focused on a high value, low risk gas development project offshore Morocco with strong ESG credentials in a fast-growing emerging economy with a clear route to early monetisation, delivery of free cashflow and material exploration upside. Chariot Transitional Power is looking to transform the energy market for mining operations in Africa, by providing a giant largely untapped market with cleaner, sustainable, and more reliable power. Chariot is also partnering with Total Eren and the Government of Mauritania on the potential development of a 10GW green hydrogen project, named Project Nour

Chariot – Transitional Energy


“Chariot’s mission is to play a leading role in supporting the energy transition and since 2020, our focus has been to increase our project exposure; our business plan is indicative of our commitment to being a significant and successful part of the energy transition and we are proud of our positioning within this dynamic and critical sector.”

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